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The TOEFL iBT test assesses the English level ability of a test taker at the university level. More than 30 million people worldwide are enrolled for the TOEFL online test every year to prove their English language skills. The test evaluates their TOEFL listening, TOEFL reading, TOEFL speaking and TOEFL writing abilities in an academic context.
OIS has trained more than thousands of students for the TOEFL test online. Our experienced online teachers focus on all four key areas of English fluency and provide essential tips and tricks to prepare the students. These tips are helpful for students to answer sudden questions from the examiner.

Understanding About TOEFL Online Test Preparation - Time and Score

The TOEFL exam takes three hours including, a 10-minute break to complete. Let’s discover all four English language skills required for TOEFL online test.

TOEFL Reading:

The TOEFL reading section is 54 to 72 minutes long and contains three or four reading passages taken from university-level textbooks. Each reading passage includes ten questions to answer.

TOEFL Listening:

The TOEFL listening section is 41 to 57 minutes long and contains two or conversations and three or four lectures. Lectures are three to five minutes, and listening conversations are three minutes long.

TOEFL Speaking:

The TOEFL speaking section is 20 minutes long and contains two independent speaking questions and four integrated speaking questions.

TOEFL Writing:

The TOEFL writing section is 50 minutes long and has two assignments. In assignment #1, students have to write an answer to a short reading passage in 20 minutes and have 30 minutes to write an essay on a selected topic in assignment # 2.


TOEFL test scores are valid for 1 year. TOEFL can be given unlimited times to improve the result but only once per three-day period.

Why Choose the TOEFL test?

TOEFL Test accepts in more than 150 countries and over 11,000 universities and other institutions. Compared to other English-language tests, the TOEFL test gives loads of advantages to help you stand out from other candidates. It is the only English assessment test that prepares you for the English language requirements of universities and helps ensure you go to your university well prepared than individuals who have not taken the TOEFL test.
The average English level skill ranges from Intermediate to Advanced. These levels enable:
  • Students to take admission at institutions of higher education
  • English language learning classes or training programs to find admissions
  • Candidates to receive scholarships and certifications
  • To track the ability of English language learners
  • Workers or students to apply for visas

Prepare for the TOEFL Online with OIS

If your educational goal is to take admission to a top English-speaking university, an outstanding TOEFL score is critical. TOEFL test recognizes by over 7,000 universities and colleges worldwide and is considered one of the most widely-respected English ability tests.
As the TOEFL test evaluates your English fluency, intensive preparation is necessary. That is why OIS has created an in-depth TOEFL preparation online course that helps individuals to practice with ease and improve the English language skills required for a high band score.
TOEFL Online