Prepare For IELTS General Speaking

IELTS general Speaking test is a face-to-face friendly conversation with an IELTS examiner. To prepare for the IELTS General Speaking test, you should know the IELTS speaking test question types you may face on the test day.
OIS is an online platform that helps students to prepare themselves for the IELTS. Our online tutors take the IELTS General Speaking practice tests designed to assess the English spoken skills of students.

IELTS General Speaking Test Details

The IELTS General Training Speaking test consists of three parts and takes 11 to 14 minutes. Each IELTS general speaking part has a different goal and requires a different strategy.

IELTS General Speaking Part 1

It covers warm-up, introduction questions, your document (ID) analysis, and then two questions about different topics regarding your life.

IELTS General Speaking Part 2

It is a long turn where you have to speak for 1 to 2 minutes about the topic given in the test. You have only 1 minute to prepare for the given topic.

IELTS General Speaking Part 3

It is a deep discussion based on the topic you spoke about in Part 2.

Prepare for IELTS General Speaking Test

Several IELTS general speaking tests are available online. You can explore various speaking test questions or topics with answers to prepare for the IELTS general speaking test. It will help you to understand numerous ways to practice speaking online.
Every student needs to know the IELTS general speaking test score as it will help to understand the importance of each IELTS General Speaking part.
The four fundamental principles on which the IELTS speaking test evaluates are below.
  • Fluency and Coherence

It evaluates the speaking ability of a candidate with a level of coherence and fluency in the English language. This criterion assesses the way the candidate uses the pronunciation, connectors, and conjunction in sentences.
  • Lexical Resources

This criterion assesses the way candidates use vocabulary or express their opinion during a conversation with the IELTS examiner. The fundamental pointers for these criteria are the types of words used in the sentences and how well and appropriately they have been used.
  • Grammatical Range and Accuracy

It evaluates how the candidate makes appropriate and adequate use of English grammar. It also indicates the complexity and fluency they can use in the English spoken language at a time. The fundamental pointers in this part are the usage of English grammar as well as your communication skills.
  • Pronunciation

This criterion assesses your pronunciation while speaking English. It evaluates whether you can speak complex English words or not. The fundamental pointers in this criterion are that the IELTS examiner will review if you’re using a wide range of pronunciation characteristics; your language should be easy to understand.

IELTS General Training Speaking With OIS

No doubt, speaking is a quick but powerful in-person interview. It needs concentration, creativity, and efficient English skills to answer the questions immediately. OIS knows how to prepare for the IELTS General Speaking test and achieve desired band score. We offer a unique online preparation course for IELTS that provides a blended approach to test preparation and personal feedback.
Prepare For IELTS General Speaking