Listening IELTS Test Practice

The first module of the IELTS test is Listening. In the IELTS British Council Listening test, an audio recording play ONCE only. After listening to the audio recording on both listening IELTS general and academic, a time is given to you to read the questions, write your answers on the paper, and review them at the end. At the end of Listening Section 4, a ten (10) minute extra is given to transfer your answers to the IELTS Listening Answer Sheet. Therefore, the IELTS Listening Test lasts 40 minutes in total.
The Listening IELTS Test Practice is the best way to pass the listening module. At OIS, our experienced IELTS teachers know well to prepare students for the IELTS British Council Listening test. They help them by providing IELTS study materials and completing IELTS training to get a high band in the IELTS.

Types Of Questions In Listening ielts Test

There are some bits and pieces that you will learn to know about the Listening IELTS Test Practice if you want to complete it. Let’s explore.
  • Multiple Choice Questions

  • In the Listening IELTS Test Practice at OIS, you will learn and know the format of listening to multiple-choice questions. There are two types of multiple-choice questions. Multiple choice questions with one answer Multiple choice questions with two or more answers
  • Map Labeling Questions

  • In the Map Labeling task, the candidate has to label the places on the given map provided by the examiner. Two types of questions are present in the map labelling task. A list of words may be granted to you, and you’d have to hear the audio recording carefully to pick the right word that fits the blank on the map. No list of words. You would only listen to the audio recording and recognize the place on the map.
  • Sentence Completion/Note Completion/Table Completion/Diagram Completion Questions

  • In the sentence, diagram, note or table completion task, a space is left between some questions, and the examiner asks the candidate to fill that gap by adding the correct word. For these tasks, you must have excellent grammar abilities.
  • Match Questions

  • The matching questions task in the IELTS British Council Listening test is not as common as the other questions type, but they are included in the IELTS Listening section. These questions provide a list of statements, and a candidate has to match the correct options given. Mostly it may be names, dates, or places.

IELTS Listening Test Practice Help to Write Perfect Answers

In a paper-based Listening IELTS Test Practice,
  • The Listening IELTS sample papers help you practice answering the questions correctly without any grammatical or spelling mistakes.
  • The Listening sample papers practice ensuring that writing answers in CAPS or SMALL do not affect your scores.
Once you complete the IELTS Academic Listening practice test online, you can check the answers keys and audio recording transcripts to review your answers.

Learn To Practice IELTS British Council Listening Test to Get High Band

Our Canada-based IELTS online tutor prepares students for both listening IELTS general and academic tests. By taking our preparation course for IELTS, you can monitor your performance by taking the Listening IELTS test practice.
Listening IELTS Test Practice