IELTS Training

Don’t let the English language get in the way of your educational goals. OIS helps fulfill your dreams and provides online IELTS training with highly qualified and experienced IELTS teachers in a virtual course. IELTS is the most popular English language exam taken for higher education and global migration purpose. IELTS exam is compulsory for those planning to study at a foreign university or move abroad for work purposes, as it evaluates their English language proficiency.

Learn Four Essential English skills in Online IELTS Training

At OIS, Learn all the four English language skills and improve the English language at your own pace, whenever it is easy for you.


In listening to IELTS test preparation, you will explore activities that may help to increase your listening skills. Online Listening practice will help to improve your pronunciation and understanding of the language.


In IELTS Reading test preparation, you will explore activities that may help to improve your reading skills. Online Reading practice will help to build your vocabulary and understanding of the language.


In the IELTS writing preparation course, you will explore the activities that may improve your writing skills. You can improve your writing skills and understand how to structure.


In IELTS speaking test preparation, you will explore activities to improve your speaking skills. You can increase your speaking abilities by noticing the language use in different circumstances and training phrases.

Online Preparation Course For IELTS Outcomes

The online preparation course for IELTS will provide many benefits to students. That will be:
  • Learn and prepare yourself for every task of the IELTS with efficient strategies and IELTS study materials
  • Enhance the accuracy and the range of the particular English language required for your IELTS exam
  • Develop the confidence and flexibility required to succeed under pressure
  • Get individual feedback and assistance as well as group feedback during the IELTS course
  • Build new friendships with students from different countries, that have similar goals in a collaborative and supportive environment
  • Your set target during IELTS training will boost your motivation to study hard and improve your competencies

Online IELTS Training With The Help Of IELTS Study Material

OIS follows the same teaching methodology for the preparation of IELTS online as face-to-face learning. So you could study at the same pace and fluency without leaving your comfort from home. Our experienced IELTS teachers prepare students to learn all four essential English skills. i.e. listening, reading, writing and speaking to boost their English level before going to the exam. With the help of IELTS study materials, you will prepare the common questions and tasks in the IELTS exam.
IELTS Training