IELTS Reading General Training Test

IELTS Reading General Training Test measures the reading proficiency of an individual in an everyday, practical context. The general test is suitable for candidates planning to continue their studies in an international high school or a vocational training program. It is compulsory for candidates willing to migrate to Canada, Australia, the UK, the USA and New Zealand.
At OIS, we help you prepare for the IELTS Reading General test to let you succeed in your exam and achieve your desired IELTS band score. Our experienced online tutors prepare you for the exam with a strategic approach and guidance that empowers you to do well in the IELTS General test.

IELTS Reading General Test Format and Tasks

The IELTS General Reading section is the second part of the test. It has a total of 40 questions, and the candidate has 60 minutes to complete these questions. These questions evaluate the wide range of reading abilities of the candidate. The tasks include:
  • Reading for main ideas
  • Reading for detail
  • Skimming
  • Understanding logical argument
  • Recognize the purpose, attitudes and opinions of writers
These tasks extract from magazines, books, newspapers, advertisements, notices, and guidelines. You may encounter these materials in your daily life in the English-speaking environment.


Reading IELTS General practice tests aim to prepare candidates for the success of the IELTS Reading General Training Test to fulfill their dreams. The test-takers must follow some necessary points strictly before giving the IELTS reading general section.
  1. In the reading section, if you do not recognize the word, do not panic. Only keep in mind two things you can do. Look at the words and sentences around it for hints, or move forward and forget about it.
  2. Control your nerves and time to do well in the IELTS reading general test. Probably, you will not know all the questions, but controlling your emotions can save you big trouble.
  3. While recording doesn’t read a noun as singular if you think it was supposed to be plural. These “little” mistakes can lose your score.
  4. Increase your reading speed as it will help to save your time while taking the IELTS reading test. With some practice, you can improve your reading skills at a significantly fast pace.
  5. Give complete concentration while reading passages. Experienced IELTS teachers have proven that the more focused you are while reading text and answering the questions, the more likely you can provide correct answers to examiners.

IELTS Reading General Training Test Help To Score Well In the Exam

IELTS Reading General Training tests help candidates to get a high score in the exam. The best method to learn is to spend more time on the practice test. At OIS, we know how to prepare students for IELTS Academic and General tests.
In IELTS reading general test preparation, our online experienced IELTS teacher provide some helpful tips and sample exercises to students and track their reading progress side by side. OIS aims to equip each student with the abilities, qualifications, and expertise that springboard to a lifetime of achievement and satisfaction.
IELTS Reading General Training Test