IELTS General Listening Test Online

Most people assume that the IELTS General listening test online is different from the Listening IELTS Academic test online. But, in reality, there is no difference between them in the format, scoring, content, or level of difficulty. At OIS, we are giving the support you require for IELTS general listening test to get a high band score in the test.

IELTS General Listening Test Duration and Types

IELTS general listening test consists of four sections with 30 minutes duration and has one audio recording in each listening section. The candidate would need to answer ten questions in each section audio recording of native English speakers, but keep in mind that an individual can hear recordings once only. The candidate carefully needs to listen to the audio recordings as answers to the listening questions will be present on that audio recording.
There are four audio recordings in a native English accent. The candidate will write answers below using:
  • matching points
  • multiple choice
  • sentence completion
  • diagram labelling

Section 1:

Section 1 audio recording is a conversation between two people discussing everyday social circumstances.

Section 2:

Section 2 audio recording is a speech on everyday social circumstances, e.g. a debate about local amenities.

Section 3:

Section 3 audio recording is a discussion between more than two people on institutional or training circumstances, e.g. an instructor and a university student discussing an assignment.

Section 4:

Section 4 audio recording is a monologue on an educational subject, e.g. a university lecture.
Examiners evaluate your English language ability to understand the main ideas, detailed information, the opinions and perspectives of speakers.

Computer-Delivered General Listening Test Online

The timings in the computer-delivered IELTS general Listening test online are slightly different from the paper-based general IELTS test. The reason behind this is that the paper-based test gives additional 10 minutes to the candidates to transfer their answers to an answer sheet. Therefore, an additional 10 minutes has been deducted from a computer-delivered general test because it’s useless to keep adding 10 minutes on an online test.
  1. Before beginning each listening section of general IELTS, you will have some time to read the questions.
  2. After completing each section of the Listening test, you will have some time to check your answers.
  3. At the end of the IELTS general Listening test, you will have 2 minutes to review your answers.
  4. The timing of the IELTS General Listening test online is between 30 – 34 minutes.

IELTS General Listening Test Online Practice Can Give You a confidence

Students who have obtained a 7 or 7 plus band score in the IELTS exam will tell you that preparation is the only key to being successful in the test. OIS helps students to practice general IELTS listening with learning strategies. Our preparation course for IELTS provides some fundamental tips that help to increase your overall IELTS listening skills.
Try to practice the IELTS General Listening test online because if you can’t understand the English in an audio recording, you will be unable to answer the questions correctly.
IELTS General Listening Test Online