IELTS Academic Writing

The IELTS Academic writing test assesses English language writing abilities for students who want to take admission in English speaking country. To get high bands on the test, you need to do Academic writing practice for IELTS as much as you can, as this test measures the English writing abilities to express their ideas through the written word. At OIS, you will get an opportunity to learn Academic IELTS with the help of past IELTS Academic papers, IELTS study materials and tips are given by our experienced IELTS teachers.

Types of IELTS Academic Writing Test

IELTS Academic Writing test has two tasks. Both Academic writing tasks are relevant to general knowledge and are suitable for candidates starting undergraduate and postgraduate studies or seeking professional certification. The Academic writing practice for IELTS is necessary, as it helps individuals understand the exam format, length and time before going to the IELTS exam.

Overall Length

The total time of Academic IELTS has 60 minutes. Students have only one hour to complete task 1 and task 2.

1) Academic IELTS Writing Task 1

In Academic IELTS Writing Task 1, a diagram, table, chart or graph will be shown to students and ask them to describe the information in their own words.
  • Length

The length of Task 1 must be at least 150 words. Candidates will be penalized if answers do not follow the required task length properly. While there is no maximum word limit is set for the test takers. Candidates will have only 20 minutes to complete this task.

2)Academic IELTS Writing Task 2

In Academic IELTS Writing Task 2, an argument and question will be shown to candidates and ask them to present their perspectives on the issue.
  • Length

The length of writing Task 2 must be at least 250 words. The candidate is not penalized if the answer exceeds 250 words. However, candidates will have only 40 minutes to complete task 2.

IELTS Academic Writing Score

The IELTS Academic writing test scores are not given based on students’ opinions, as technically, there are no ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’ answers.
Answers on both tasks are graded based on four areas:
  • Capability to complete and answer the tasks
  • Cohesion and coherence
  • Vocabulary range
  • Grammatical accuracy
Students will get a score between 1 to 9 for each of the four criteria sections of each task. A 1 is the lowest score, which indicates that a student only understands a few levels of English. A 5 indicates that a student understands a medium level of English, and a 9 indicates that a student has an excellent grip on the English language.

Preparation for the IELTS Academic Test Online

OIS offers an affordable IELTS online course that helps students get an exceptional grasp on their Academic IELTS and prepares them for the IELTS Academic test online. Our experienced online teachers know all the fundamental skills required for IELTS Academic writing tasks and provide you with tips to pass the Academic IELTS exam with a high band score.
IELTS Academic Writing