IELTS academic speaking

The IELTS academic speaking test evaluates English speaking proficiency for candidates who want to continue their academic career in studies and are interested take admission in English speaking country. A trained IELTS examiner conducts face-to-face Academic IELTS speaking tests and assesses your speaking abilities.
OIS is the online preparation for the IELTS exam platform. We have experienced IELTS teachers who cover all parts of the academic IELTS exam. Our fully experienced online tutors know how to help students improve their IELTS speaking skills and get high bands in the IELTS. With the help of our online IELTS Academic speaking practice test, students know the format and test questions of the academic speaking test.

Types of IELTS Academic Speaking Test Sections

There are three sections in the Academic Speaking test and takes between 11 and 15 minutes. In an Academic speaking test, candidates listen to an audio recording, and they have to record their answer using a microphone.
The Speaking section is conveyed in such a manner that it does not allow students to rehearse set responses beforehand. That’s why IELTS Academic speaking practice tests are the best to prepare you for the test day.

IELTS Academic Speaking Test Part 1:

The academic speaking part 1 section consists of four to five minutes at which an examiner asks you general questions about yourself and a range of similar topics, such as family, career, home, studies work, and interests. You have to carefully answer the IELTS speaking test questions because the examiner evaluates your responses.

IELTS Academic Speaking Test Part 2:

In the academic speaking part 2 section, the examiner asks you to speak about a particular topic. You have one minute to prepare yourself for the given topic before speaking for up to two minutes. Then you will listen to one or two IELTS speaking test questions on the same topic to complete part 2.

IELTS Academic Speaking Test Part 3:

The academic speaking part 3 section consists of four to five minutes. In this speaking part, you listen to furthermore IELTS speaking test questions related to the topic in Part 2. These British Council IELTS test questions allow you to talk about more abstract ideas and issues.

IELTS Academic Speaking Test Take On the Same Day

The IELTS Academic Listening, Writing, and Reading test take on the same day immediately after each other. In some test centres, the Academic speaking test takes on the same day or takes within seven days before or after your test date.
For the computer-delivered IELTS Academic test online, the Speaking section takes on the same day, before or after the other three parts of the IELTS test.

IELTS Academic Speaking Practice Test Helps You Know About the Test Format

Take IELTS Academic speaking practice tests as much as you can, as it helps you know about the test format. OIS is an online IELTS learning platform that prepares students for the General and Academic IELTS test and helps them achieve their education goals. They also provide you with strategies, techniques and tips on how to achieve your desire IELTS score.
IELTS Academic Speaking