Academic Reading IELTS Practice

The Academic IELTS Reading test can be challenging if you will not do Academic Reading IELTS practice. So, it is essential to practice for the IELTS Academic test online before going to take the Academic Reading test. The IELTS Academic Reading test evaluates the reading ability of a candidate. The examiner analyzes how they follow an argument and identify a writer’s perspective, opinion, or idea in the test. It examines how properly you can read to understand the primary purpose, concepts, details and intended meanings.
To get a high band score on the IELTS Academic Reading test, OIS ensures to improve your English language ability with the support of their experienced IELTS teachers. They provide tips that are helpful to fulfill your dreams and achieve your educational goals.

Academic Reading IELTS Practice Test Help To Know The Format

The Academic Reading IELTS practice test helps to understand the reading format and score of the test. The IELTS reading test online Academic is one hour long and has three reading sections. The total word limit on three academic reading sections is between 2400-2600 words. You have to answer all the forty questions in the Academic Reading section, and each reading section has two or three exercises.

Section 1:

This Academic IELTS reading section may consist of two or more brief texts. These texts include factual information like an announcement for a hotel or sports center facilities.

Section 2:

Section 2 is more difficult than the previous section as it contains two texts of more complicated language. These texts depend on ‘workplace survival‘ like pay schemes, contracts, or workplace conditions.

Section 3:

Section 3 is the most complex part of the IELTS reading test online Academic and consists of a long text. The text in section 3 revolves around subjects related to general matters and interests like passages obtained from different magazines, documents, fictional or non-fictional books.

IELTS Academic Reading Practice Test

Candidates who are interested in giving Academic Reading IELTS practice test should consider a few things in mind, which are listed below:
  • The Academic IELTS Reading test is 60 minutes long, so it’s essential to use time perfectly
  • Always focus on the total of words used while giving your answers
  • You should have good Skimming and Scanning skills as it will help you to score well in the IELTS Academic Reading test, or you can take English language learning classes
  • Grab keywords to find the best answer
  • Expand the range of your English Vocabulary
  • Use the correct form of grammar and correct spelling while writing down the responses on the answer sheet

Academic Reading IELTS practice With Online IELTS School

The Academic Reading IELTS test is nerve-wracking. At OIS, we aim to facilitate your spirits and prepare you for the Academic IELTS Reading section. Taking the Academic Reading IELTS practice test is the best way to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of an individual and can help you become satisfied with the test format.
Academic Reading IELTS Practice