Paper-based IELTS Test Vs Computer-based Test

ELTS is getting revolutionized day by day. It’s not shocking news that a computer-based IELTS test has also been introduced. As the usage of technology is increasing, it is wise to say, IELTS and other educational systems need to go online as well. Therefore, the first computer-based IELTS test took in December 2017, Australia.

Due to this added option, IELTS online test has shown a bright future, as more and more candidates are choosing IELTS Computer-based test.

Paper-based IELTS Test Vs Computer-based Test

Let explore some differences between paper-based IELTS tests and computer-based tests.

  • In the computer-based IELTS test, a small group of candidates are provided with their own computers to take IELTS. Each candidate takes the IELTS test on their own computer. While in the paper-based IELTS test, a large group of candidates with more than 100+ takes the test. The only similarity on both online and offline IELTS tests is that you have to appear at a pre-destined location for the exam.
  • All the three modules – Reading, Listening, and Writing are taken in both computer-deliver and paper-based IELTS tests. While the speaking part is taken face-to-face in both online and paper-based IELTS tests. The timings and format for both tests are the same.
  • In an IELTS Computer-based test, a candidate can conveniently write and edit their answer compared to the Paper-based test. While in a paper-based test, before writing an answer; better to draft first and then write your answer on the sheet in the IELTS writing task
  • Another advantage of taking the computer-based test is that the result comes within 3-5 days. While on a paper-based test, the test result delivers after 13 days.
  • In the Listening section of the IELTS test, candidates listen to audio recordings on the headphone only once; however, due to crowded centres, difficult to hear the audio in the paper-based test. While in the computer-based test, candidates can easily hear the audio due to fewer candidates in the centre.
  • The speaking section in both paper and the computer-based tests is similar because the examiner personally takes the tests by the candidate. The only difference is that the speaking test takes within a week in a paper-based test. While in a computer-based test, the speaking test takes on the same day.


The Computer-based IELTS test has proven to be a great blessing when the whole world is fighting the virus. It is the only secure way to fulfill your educational and professional dreams. Another great news for students is that they can also prepare themselves for the IELTS test at home. There are various IELTS training online websites available at a very reasonable cost. Students can now easily practise for IELTS at their flexible timings. Therefore, in the current scenario, the online IELTS test stands more beneficial compared to the Paper-based test. 

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