Are you not satisfied with your TOEFL test score? Don’t worry about it; you have an option of TOEFL rescore. 

What Is a TOEFL Rescore?

TOEFL rescore (score review) only applies for the Speaking and Writing sections that evaluate human test administrators. TOEFL Speaking and Writing tests are different from IELTS Speaking and IELTS writing tasks. With the help of this service, your TOEFL Speaking or TOEFL Writing responses are re-evaluated and give you a new TOEFL score. Your new score, whether it could be higher or lower than your prior score, will change into your official new TOEFL score. 

TOEFL Rescore Charges

An individual can request for TOEFL rescore for Speaking and Writing within 30 days. But TOEFL score review is not free. ETS charges for each section 80 USD and 160 USD for reviews of both sections (Speaking and Writing).

Many people try TOEFL rescore to raise their scores because they believe that ETS made a mistake on scoring or graded them wrong. However, a TOEFL rescore does not mean that you will get a high score after review. Most of the time, your score will remain the same. The reason is that TOEFL raters are highly qualified that follow all rules and give you suitable scores.

If your TOEFL test score increases or decreases after review, you will receive a TOEFL rescore refund for that specific section. But, if your score remains the same, you will not receive any money back. 

How to Get a TOEFL Rescore

If you are interested in TOEFL rescore, the process is pretty simple. 

Step 1:

You need to download the TOEFL iBT Score Review Request Form from the ETS website

Step 2:Step 2:

Once you have filled the form, submit it along with payment. On the form, you need to provide the below information:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Registration number
  • Test date
  • Payment method (credit/debit card number or check)

Step 3:

Mail or fax the form to ETS:


TOEFL Services


PO Box 6151

Princeton, NJ 08541-­6151 USA



ETS will complete your TOEFL rescore within three weeks of getting your request. After TOEFL rescoring, ETS will renew your official TOEFL score record and assign you a new result report.

Consider TOEFL Rescore Only If …

It recommends that you should only consider the TOEFL rescore if:

  • You believe that you deserve a high score in the Speaking and Writing section, and the TOEFL preparation online test and tutor agree with you.
  • Your TOEFL Score is 1-2 points below the required score for college or university.
  • You got 0 scores in the Speaking and Writing section, but you did all the tasks correctly. This situation is rare, but sometimes ETS makes errors. 

Do not Consider TOEFL Rescore Only If …

  • You already met all the TOEFL requirements of your school, do not risk lowering your points with TOEFL rescoring.
  • 80-160 USD is not a tiny amount, and you are already given a lot on the TOEFL test. 
  • You are not sure whether you deserved a higher score or not. If you are confused, do not get a rescore. 
  • You got a lower score than what demands admission for college, do not try with a rescore. It is better to retake the TOEFL test.

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